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I'm Nathan Foley, but you can call me Nate.

I'm a creative who traditionally hasn't believed in himself—but that's starting to change.

I was born and raised in Sacramento, California. In 2015, I made the spontaneous decision to apply for transfer to the University of Massachusetts in Boston. I lived there for a couple years and met my future wife, Julianne. We stuck it out in Boston for a little while before jumping across the country twice more, suffering a stint in Sacramento before finally settling down in the Midwest.


I'm an aspiring creator of stories.

Since I was young, storytelling was always an escape. It was something I did instead of paying attention in class or while trying to drift into sleep. In a world that seems to only value efficiency and compliance, writing and creating in general never really felt like a legitimate possibility.


But, I'm putting faith in my ability to make something out of nothing, and this website is the beginning of that journey.

That mindset is a difficult one to grapple with in 21st century adulthood thanks to the overwhelming amount of pressure bombarding us day in and day out. I tried to force myself down this or that path, thinking that whatever career awaited me at the end would fix all of my woes—socioeconomic and mental. But, all that proved to accomplish was further discomfort and distress. It took some time, but I soon realized that if I ever wanted to be happy—truly happy—I needed to think of life differently. I needed to return to the philosophies I preached to myself and my peers in high school :

Live life for yourself.

I lost that philosophy entering adulthood. It was still there, lingering somewhere in the recesses of my conscience, but greatly overshadowed by the outside forces. It grew too easy to become consumed by the vicious cycle of survival: work some bullshit job to pay rent and eat, go into debt to attain an employable degree, work for some corporation so I could one day buy a house in a city I no longer recognize.

This is my attempt to break the cycle and live life for myself.

I hope anything I say or create can speak to you in some way. If you have any questions at all or just want to chat, hit me up through the contact form on my site. And if you want to stay in the loop with my creations/writing, subscribe to my mailing list below to be notified when I update posts.


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