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6/23 - Broken Sump Pumps Flooding My Early Morning Dreams

It’s 5:26 AM, so I should be getting to sleep but I wanted to crack open the laptop and see what spills out. I don’t think I have a whole lot to say at the moment but I do have a little bit of energy, so I figured this could help expend it so I’m not restless trying to get back to sleep on the couch down here in the basement.

Kieran is so precious. I’m loving watching him grow every day. Yesterday, he and I went to the Natatorium but the track was closed due to maintenance. So we packed up and drove to Brust Park instead and jogged down the trail for a little bit. He was so interested in all the greenery and the busy sky. He was a little sleepy, but he was too interested in looking at everything around him so he kept himself from nodding off and got just a little fussy about it. We then drove up to Hudson and I fed him in the Joann parking lot. When he finished eating, he started staring out of the side window across the lot. I think he was fixating on the nearby stop sign.

Anyway, I should get some sleep, I gotta get up in about 2 hours for work. I’ll be back later.

I didn’t go to sleep. I decided to get up, make some coffee, and maybe write some more. But, as I was getting ready to head up, I saw a reflection on the floor of the laundry room. My heart sank and I flipped on the flashlight on my phone. The sump pump is flooded and water is spreading across the laundry room floor. I vacuumed a little bit of the water up, which of course woke Kieran, but I had to do it so it would stop spreading. The vacuum can only hold so much, so it feels like I didn’t even put a dent in the water that is above the pit. I need to empty the vacuum and keep going but I’m just so tired of this fucking thing that I’m just staring at it in disbelief right now.


Perfect timing too since I’ve been worrying about money the last few days. Things are only tight because we aggressively save so much–$25 weekly to Acorns + the roundups that they do, 401k, and monthly deposits to the savings account–but I’d like to have more day-to-day wiggle room. Whenever things like a potential plumbing bill pop up, I die a little inside.

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