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6/24 Sharing Feelings and Ditching Social Media

It is 10:01 PM right now and I'm typing this on my phone while rocking Kieran to sleep in our bedroom. I vacuumed many gallons of water out of the sump pump pit and surrounding laundry room floor, began the project of reorganizing the basement in preparation for my mom's visit, and hung out with Kieran, Ben, and Julianne. I hope for a more low key Sunday and to just chill with Julianne and the boy.

I don't know what to really say right now, so I'll just let it flow. My left hand, whose arm is bracing Kieran, is going a little numb typing.

I am doing this on my phone because I didn't want to go down the stairs to retrieve the laptop while Kieran was sleeping. I managed to put him down around 9:30 but he woke up and was still hungry.

One recurring question I had regarding this journal is how can I expect to communicate my feelings and visions to others unless I first learn how to do it with myself? I have a story to tell and thoughts to share, so this is as good a place as any to start.

I have not gone to Reddit since June 11th, which is pretty cool. I spent too much time on that site and am glad to no longer be on it. The discussions were all pointlessly argumentative and the hot takes on places like r/NBA were dogshit.

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