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It's been a little while, hasn't it?

I'm not entirely sure what to say besides I wish I had more time and energy to continuously contribute to my website. Life, work, and the world-at-large have done a good job keeping me away from the keyboard in recent months, though I have been working on projects! The chief of which is a virtual basketball league nearly a year in the making: The FLBA!

The FLBA (Federated League of Basketball Association) is a basketball league powered by AI using the video game NBA 2k22's MyLeague game mode. My brother and I, with some help from friends, built an entire league of 30 custom teams, 15 uniquely built players per team, and 2 future draft classes of 30-60 additional players.

Think of the league as a parody on the NBA, with all of its larger than life characters and intense competition but made entirely within a video game and broadcasted on its own network that functions much like the ESPN networks we know of today. The players have their own stories that will be told, the teams will suffer their own dramas and relish in their own triumphs, and the FLBA TV network, in addition to its social media pages, will be the place to experience all of it.

The league is home to basketball legends such as Le'Bryan Archibald, Allie Allie Haandro, Big Dane, Loose Cannon, The Nullifier, Billy the Kid, Augusto Cesar Big Kuntry, Jimmy Jok, Jebediah Moose, and of course who could forget the revolutionary serialized cyborg Baller Bots? Teams include perennial powerhouses such as the Seattle Billygoats, Ft. Lauderdale Boats, Boston Bolts, Yuba City Sharks, Vacaville Vipers, and Omaha Cyclones in addition to organizations with rocky footing in the league such as the Portland Vessels (an alien worshiping death cult), Bronx Za Squad (a team full of pizza menu items), and the Indianapolis Impotent Eagles (an aggressively White megachurch family known for its orthodoxy more than its basketball acumen).

It's a whacky project, but it's been incredibly fun working on it and I am very excited for what else it has in store for not only me creatively, but for its small but growing viewer base.

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