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Epic Action Time

Epic Action Time was a fun endeavor that friends and I jumped into during our freshman and sophomore years in high school. We took turns writing and producing goofy little stories and shot the films in a single day, usually within a window of only a couple of hours before this or that school event. We shot everything on my dad's ancient Canon XL1, some tapes of which I still have in a box somewhere.

I decided to include these not only because I felt it important to share everything I can, but because these show what where a lot of my creativity started. I know these aren't ground breaking or profound by any means—maybe profoundly dumb—but regardless, they're films that my friends and I made ourselves. And most importantly, we had fun making them. We knew full well how ridiculous these films were, and being teenagers, most of whom had never done anything like this before, we really leaned into that.

With the introduction out of the way, please do enjoy these low quality films made by a bunch of kids!

The Ninja

A young boy is startled by a ninja who found his way into his house while he was enjoying some online game play.

This short film was the first we produced under Epic Action Time. It took a single day to block out and shoot. Most of the day was filming my young cousin being vulgar while sucking at Call of Duty.

Written by Harjot Singh, Joseph Percoski, and Nathan Foley

Nerd Showdown

Two nerds square off in a basketball battle.

Stan and I played a lot of basketball in school, so we naturally wanted to make a video centered on basketball. In keeping with the theme of Epic Action Time, we made it goofy and ridiculous.

Written by Harjot Singh, Stan Smith, and Nathan Foley

Internet Safety PSA

An ignorant teenager gives his address to someone he does not know and pays the price.

After the first videos we made, a friend from our shared animation class, Angel Loza, wanted to join in on the shenanigans. One of the assignments we were given in animation was an animated internet safety PSA. This film was expanded from the project that Angel submitted in class, with obvious embellishments that probably would have been less than acceptable in an academic setting.

Written by Angel Loza, Harjot Singh, and Nathan Foley

The Egg

A standoff erupts over a tantalizing cooked egg found on the ground in a Wild West that bears remarkable resemblance to our high school.

This video is different from the others because it is the trailer to the film. Tragically, the footage was actually corrupted after this day of shooting and we moved on to the next project rather than re-shoot the whole thing again. I believe this was the last film we shot on the Canon because of the corruption issue.

Written by Harjot Singh, Curtis Main, and Nathan Foley

LoliPop Takedown

A teenage boy is enjoying a lolipop as a gangster and his henchmen decide to steal it from his bare hands.

This film ended up being the final film we created under Epic Action Time. It was around this time that we (Stan, Curtis, Joe, and I) became really involved in our animation projects with K9 Studios. This film was thrown together in a day, start to finish.

Written by Joseph Percoski and Nathan Foley

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