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Fair Shake

Fair Shake was a project developed by a man named Canada Black in Massachusetts.

He found me through my Craigslist ad looking for basic editing and film work. He came to me with a steaming pile of a short film called What's Cookin', asking me if I could edit a film that was shot and edited once already. I almost didn't put that one on my site because I honestly didn't do that much to it as I really didn't have anything to work with in the first place, so I just stitched what takes they had and called it good. The final product still makes me laugh because of how utterly bad it is, but the guy was impressed nonetheless.

Once I finished that ill-fated project, he liked my work so much he wanted to do another film with just the two of us. He already had the bare bones of a story he wanted to shoot, so I took the opportunity to direct, shoot, and create something I could at least be remotely proud of.

What's Cookin'

This film was handed to me when it was already finished but the previous editor had a falling out with Canada so it was passed off to me. Each shot only had 1 or 2 takes to work with so there wasn't really much to edit so I just threw what I had together and called it good. Canada loved it though, so whatever.

Inner Demon

This film was shot in a single day and edited over the ensuing months. This project is the most involved I've been with any particular project as far as share of work and vision goes. It is also the last film I worked on to this date.

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