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Loud and Heavy

Loud and Heavy Productions was a music production studio that was the sister company to Burn Baby Burn that focused entirely on music.
Through Loud and Heavy, I was given the opportunity to film and photograph live metal performances and a single music video in Sacramento, California. Josh Pierson originally came from a metal music and journalistic background, so he had connections he began taking advantage of to branch out his film production.
Loud and Heavy, however, was pretty short-lived, producing the single music video for The Stalking Distance.

Party's Over
The Stalking Distance

This video was shot in a single day and edited by the next evening. I was Cinematographer and Editor for this video.

I rather enjoyed working on it because I was given a lot of creative control over how to block out the shots and what angles I to capture. Plus, lining up all of the video with the studio recorded music was incredibly satisfying.

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