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Let me preface this with the fact that I never thought I'd start
an online blog. I've always enjoyed writing, but the main setting
I ever did it was within the classroom. I played around with writing
scripts and a chapter or two of bad novels, but I quickly moved
on to other things to occupy my time as a high school student because I didn't believe in my ability to truly make something of it.

It wasn't until a few years into my disjointed college experience that
I realized writing—really, creating anything in particular—is vital to my existence.

This blog is the beginning of my written journey.

As it stands now, as of March 2023, the blog consists of essays written for college classrooms, sporadic updates to my fantasy universe Ankora, a series on my wild experiences living in Boston, and a new adventure journal following the exploits of
Falduin, the Azerothian Night Elf Druid.

My school essays are left in their original state, though I have floated the idea of editing and reposting them alongside their predecessors. Perhaps once I get into the swing of the current series I have going, I'll take a few weeks to focus on editing what I've written in the past. When I read through the early college essays in particular, I see them reminders of where I was and what heights
I can still reach creatively.

All of this will forever be an ongoing project to continuously improve as a writer, as a communicator, and as an
introspective thinker.

With all of that said, please take some time to read what I've written and let me know what you think.


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